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Music for Love Water Memory:

In the story, one of Lucie's first memories is how to play the piano. It becomes a portal through which other memories, some good, and some gut-wrenching, return, including her wedding song, Can't Take That Away. That is the nature of music; it transports us, connects us to ourselves and others in ways that are mystifying and intangible, but visceral. I put this collection of songs together from the songs my band, The Rejections (and Trailing Spouses), performed for Love Water Memory's launch party. The other two absolutely gorgeous songs come from my dear, life-long friend Peter Fletcher, a wonderful songwriter/musician. He used actual words from the book to create the haunting, joyful ode to the book, Love Water Memory.

I hope you enjoy this music! It's not for sale anywhere and is provided simply as a gift to you, my readers, with big thanks to those who participated in making it real: Matt Gani, Kevin Bressler and Whiney Cat Audio in Seattle, Peter Fletcher and Paul Mariz.

The Rejections

Jennie's band, with other members of Seattle7Writers and various spouses, is called The Rejections (and Trailing Spouses). Formed in late 2012, their first ever gig was at the launch party for Erica Bauermeister's third novel, The Lost Art of Mixing. They are all authors or working partners of authors, and won't quit their day jobs, but come most Tuesday nights, you'll find them practicing away for the next book launch, fundraiser, or party. The Rejections are: Garth Stein, Stephanie Kallos, Jennie Shortridge. The Trailing Spouses are: Matt Gani, Paul Mariz, and sometimes Ben Bauermeister. But who knows; the lineup may change at any time. They hope someday to include Erik Larson on tambourine. Find them on their Facebook page.